Well, it was made perfectly clear that we shouldn't talk about this but we do anyway. Maybe we should have avoided it all together but clearly we are far too arrogant to do that

That being said if anyone has the diplomacy to handle this one it's us

Full track listing below

Who made the cut?

This week our featured tracks were:

Colter Wall - The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie

Alison Krauss - Down To The River To Pray

Dolly Parton - Coat Of Many Colours

Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman

Haruna Ishola - Orin To Mo Gbon Wa

XTC - Dear God

Kanye West - Jesus Walks

Who made only made the long list this week?

Robert Johnson, Henry Mancini, Joni Mitchell, Primus, Talking Heads, Jeff Buckley, Why? The Rolling Stones

Next time out, Episode 5 - Cultural Icons